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What is Jungle Move?

Jungle Move® is a lifestyle whose aim is to combine and maximize mental and physical benefits through nature, sport and food. Those elements can grant an amazing transformation to the whole humanity.

Originally based on the animal movement and feeding, Jungle Move® adapts these patterns to the mankind present lifestyle, in order to promote a new way (scientifically tested) of living that teachs everybody how to improve their health, their appeal, their psychological well-being and their environmental awareness.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Jungle Move® promotes the people health and well-being through physical exercise and diet, developing a revolutionary training system based on the animal evolution.

Visión: JungleMove® wants to ensure the sport access to the whole world population, providing training spaces (wild spaces) and a training system designed and developed to improve people’s health and life’s quality.






Gorilla Walks


Qualities and benefits

Raise your health indicators

  • Control your body weight and get a fitness -healty body.
  • Cardio, joint and bone improvements.

Psycological Benefits

  • Based on archaeological, anthropological and biological researches which shows that many of the humanity diseases aren’t suffered by animals.
  • Diminishes the stress, tension, depression risk and increases relaxation and self-esteem.

Qualities improvements

  • Improves all your basic, complementary and derived physical attributes (speed, strenght, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, balance, potency and agility) with a special program designed by physiotherapists, biologists, graduates in sport science and physical education teachers..

Experience and awareness

  • Clinical experience has demonstrated the effectiveness ofJungleMove® System along with a Rainbow diet in the prevention and cure of diseases.
  • Create awareness and respect for the environment and animal life.

Examples Jungle Move


Some of our jungles tell you about their experience.

“Since I lost my job I wasn´t mentally animated and my body resented. Luckily my sport center evolved in a Wild Space, so I tried Jungle Move and I am still practicing it, thanks to my Wild Coach Jordan for his support”

Manuel Rodríguez


“Normally all my workouts are specifics into the water. The introduction of Jungle Move in my workout has been a noticeable jump physically and mentally, especially in my preseason phase..”

Vicente Matoso

Spain National Waterpolo Team Member

“My job entails to be sat most of the time; my body was suffering and I wasn`t happy with my appearance. Jungle Move brought me back to my normal weight, and now I look better than ever in my 36 years of life.”

Julia Páez

Employee banking


10 keys to achieve a good Jungle Move training

If you are thinking to practice Jungle, or you want to train and reach your best performance, we indicate you some advices to realize a better workout session. Take notes and feel the animal gen! 1. Feel comfortable: don’t let that difficult things prevent you from...

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Do you want to know more about Jungle Move?

Jungle Move is a philosophy of life that includes several aspects related to each other: the physical activity, the healthy nutrition and the environment respect. It is characterized by a functional training based on the animal evolution movement and food, adapted to...

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You want information about our training method, Jungle Move rooms or training courses. Write us and we will inform you.

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